To bring in more high quality leads for its liposuction treatment and reach a lower cost per lead with a simplified Facebook ad structure.


2 Months


The cost of treatments for plastic surgery is high so they wanted to target only users who can afford the treatment costs. Also, treatments were popular mostly among women, limiting the pool of audience.

Strategy (Overview)

Our strategy was divided into phases in which we tested different combinations of targeting to increase leads and lower CPA.

Number of Leads Per Month

facebook ads case study case 8 table 1

Budget: $350 per month

Location: Houston, Texas

Key Metrics:

facebook ads case study case 8 table 2

Best performing ads:


The combination of Messenger Ads and Video Ads helped not only bring in prospects but then give them a personal touch, which encouraged them to take action. As a Facebook Messenger Ad, the Send Message call to action opens Facebook messenger where the user can have their questions answered or easily book and appointment.

Final Outcome:

We were able to generate 143 high quality leads at a CPR of $3.56 for this client.