Generate high-quality ads for their oriental art business.


9 Months


The company needed new product sales.

Strategy (Overview)

The client wanted to grow their brand and reputation by showcasing their work on their website. The team decided to set up a simple search campaign optimized for each keyword.

google ads case study case 6 table 1

Best performing ads:

google ads case study case 6 ad 1
  • The team used search ads which used keywords to match the user’s interests.
  • Each campaign had an ad pointing to the client’s specific landing page.
  • This was a very healthy campaign with a very healthy ad impression size of 1.19M+ views.
  • After generating quality link clicks and product sales, we created a similar campaign for remarketing.

Key Metrics

google ads case study case 6 table 2

Budget: $2500 Per Month

Location: United States

Solution (Campaigns Used):

Shopping Ads: Finding people who are intentionally looking for the client’s services via shopping ads.

Display Ads: Generating awareness through product images and creatives.

The Google Ads team actively optimized each campaign to achieve optimal results.

Final Outcome:

This resulted in new leads for the client which helped grow the business.